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There are 42 biological factors that affect our blood sugar levels, but clinicians and researchers like Dana Roseman are here to help. From choosing an insulin pump versus injections to better nutrition intervention for obesity, she coaches clients with a wide range of needs.

Listen in as she helps listeners learn more about reaching healthy goals. She explains

  • The mechanism of type 1 diabetes and what exciting technologies and therapies are in the works to treat it,
  • The best practices for prediabetic listeners to decrease insulin resistance and activate obesity intervention strategies, and
  • How clinicians like her are able to coach and guide patients on a global level.

Dana B. Roseman is Director of Technology and Applied Research with Integrative Diabetes Services. She is a Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist and a Registered Dietitian. While she does both research and clinical work, the pandemic has pushed most of her current work into the clinical sphere.

She starts by giving listeners the basics on the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and explains why that means she has a variety of patient profiles.  For example, while she might focus on diabetes and obesity relationships with type 2 patients, because type 1 is an autoimmune disease, there’s less emphasis on diet and prevention of type 1 diabetes; therefore, her time with these patients revolves more around the technology of care.

She shares solid information with listeners at all health levels, however. For example, listeners may be surprised to learn that a ketogenic diet could actually lead to insulin resistance. Why? Well, a high amount of fat, which means a high amount of triglycerides, increases insulin resistance. This is why blood sugar levels often remain elevated after high fat meals. So if someone already has a tendency toward developing insulin resistance, over the long term, a higher fat ketogenic approach could be an issue. She provides plenty of healthy advice, such as the role of the microbiome and ways to eat for a healthy gut.

Finally, she has some exciting information about up-and-coming technology and beta cell research that speaks of an encouraging future for type 1 diabetics and their caregivers.

For more about her work and for contact information, see

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