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At one point or another we’ve all dealt with it: being unable to fall or stay asleep, or just waking up feeling absolutely exhausted in the morning, wishing we had the energy to do the things we love. For some of us, these problems are chronic and seriously disrupt our quality of life by leading to failing social lives, poor productivity, and even depression.

Danny Flood was one of those individuals until he decided it was time to do something. He experimented with a variety of tricks and techniques to see what worked best, and then compiled them all into a book so that others could benefit from what he’d learned. He joins the podcast to discuss some of the main highlights of Hack Sleep: How to Fall Asleep Faster, Increase Your Energy, and Wake Up Refreshed, which include the importance of keeping the circadian rhythm in sync (and some tips on how to do so), the role of adenosine and adenosine triphosphate in sleep, biphasic and polyphasic sleep schedules, foods that naturally boost melatonin, and recommendations for power napping.

If you or someone you know is suffering from a lack of sleep, Danny Flood is likely to have at least a few tips that’ll help. Tune in for more and look for his book on Amazon.

Here is the book on Amazon:

Here is a link with coupon code for the Sleep Hacking Masterclass

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