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Online clothing purchases today are premised on the idea that all you need to know is your size or measurements in order to guarantee a good fit, and while men can often get away with this, the reality is that women’s clothing purchases are much more complex. The fact that more than 30-50% of all online apparel purchases are returned is a testament to this, but even those who have the luxury of shopping in person struggle with getting the feedback they can rely upon and feeling confident with their purchases. More than 71% of millennial women send selfies to their friends when trying on clothes, but the chances that they’ll get a response from every friend while they’re still in the store are low.

Now there’s a solution: LookyLoo, an AI-powered social commerce platform that allows users to post photos and receive direct feedback on fashion choices from a cloud of other consumers. Meanwhile, the AI (better known as “Lucy”) learns based on how you and others to vote, leading to stronger, personalized, and specific recommendations. What looks good in fashion is contextual to location and age group, and Lucy takes this into account for every user.

“Fashion is art, and for a lot of people it’s an opportunity to be something beautiful,” says Chia-Lin Simmons, founder of LookyLoo. The app is already enormously popular, and the team at LookyLoo is looking to the future. Where’s that, you might ask? Cosmetics.

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