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Is a cell as complex as a major city? Or is it thousands of times more complex?

Tune in to explore the answer, and learn:

  • How all of life generates energy
  • What cells sense, and how they do it
  • Why cancer cells are like super-microbes

Dr. Jon Lieff is a nationally recognized neuropsychiatrist, expert on cellular communication, and author of The Secret Language of Cells, which is a synthesis of an impressive amount of science literature that culminates in a compelling and easy-to-understand look at cellular communication—how it works, and what it means for our bodies.

“It’s not that life is defined as a cell; it’s that life is defined as an intelligent cell who can talk with other cells and make decisions about the physiology of our bodies, about health and disease,” says Dr. Lieff.

The complexity of cells, the source of life, energy, and consciousness, the wired and wireless brain, cellular signaling, and cancer cell communities are just a few of the topics explored in today’s episode.

Tune in, and learn more at Follow Dr. Lieff on Twitter @JonLieffMD.

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