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In this episode, we sit down with Paul Garner to discuss creationism and the geological evidence that supports it. Paul is a full-time researcher and lecturer for Biblical Creation Trust and the author of The New Creationism and Fossils and the Flood. With a passion for geology and biology, he is on a mission to understand as much about Earth’s creation as possible – and you’d be surprised what he’s found…

Fossils and ancient rock formations tell fascinating stories about the origins of life as we know it. Are you ready to learn more about our Earth from a Biblical perspective? Tune in now!

Join in now to explore:

  • What the fossil record can tell us about the Genesis Flood. 
  • The particular contexts in which human fossils are found.
  • Extinction events that have impacted both the marine and terrestrial realms. 

Want to learn more about Paul and his incredible work? Click here now!

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