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With the amount of information that’s available online these days, it can be hard for users to find what they’re really looking for. NewsDog is an India-based news platform that is utilizing a combination of personalized recommendation and blockchain technology to bring its users a customized experience each time they log on.

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Using algorithmic technology, NewsDog tracks the types of articles that are shown to its users, and then compares those with the types of articles that the user actually reads.

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Based on the data gathered, the algorithm recommends customized content that is much more likely to suit the reading preferences of any particular user.

Yi Ma, Co-Founder of NewsDog, discusses how the utilization of blockchain technology has promoted fairness, openness and trustworthiness on the NewsDog platform. To give one example, NewsDog’s Content Neutrality Network (CNN) allows users to be rewarded in the form of tokens based on the level of their activity on the site. This means that the more comments a user posts and the more articles they read, the greater their share in NewsDog’s ad revenues.

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This is something that is not offered by many other news-delivery platforms.

NewsDog has only been online for about two years, but has already attracted over 40 million users in India and has been ranked number one under the Indian news category on Google Play. To learn more, visit

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