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Tjasa Zajc, podcaster, entrepreneur, head of the “Faces of Digital Health” podcast, a podcast about digital health and healthcare systems technology adoption, talks about the current state of healthcare in developed and developing countries.

Zajc talks about her background and the troubling early medical condition that led her to dig deeper into learning about health. After her diagnosis with IBD, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (which in name covers many disorders that can generate chronic inflammation of the digestive tract), Zajc was compelled to learn more, eventually studying healthcare management and economics in order to better understand healthcare beyond the patient perspective.

Zajc talks about the modern healthcare experience in various countries and digital technology in healthcare, covering issues such as availability, chronic conditions, and financial expenses. She discusses private insurance versus public healthcare. She provides detailed information on retirement funds and the concept of saving money for health problems that could come later in life, as the issues relate to various cultures and countries.

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She explains healthcare models, and how people perceive healthcare solutions around the globe. Zajc explains how some countries have a serious lack of qualified medical personnel and thus access to healthcare is a problem in many corners of the globe.

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Zajc explains how some people have distrust of their own providers or doctors and may travel many miles to see doctors in larger hospital facilities.

The business developer entrepreneur and healthcare expert discusses her current work assisting pharmacies with drug management processes and hospital admittance procedures. She discusses how systems can be made more efficient by going digital, which can decrease some potential problems with medical records, drugs, etc.

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In this podcast:

  • How digital technology could change healthcare for the better, if only…
  • Is private health insurance doing the best job it can to provide coverage for everyone?
  • The tough problem of scant medical access in some countries


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