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Imagine increasing your business’ retention rates by 28.9%, and increasing them by over 20% within the first week of making an investment. With a new machine learning application from Bellwethr, you can.

CEO and founder, Matt Moody, joins the podcast to discuss the importance of customer retention and how Bellwethr is making it happen. Compelled by the belief that everyone should have access to the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and the motivation to show his customers the range of problems that AI can solve, Matt Moody and his team at Bellwethr are making it easier than ever for businesses and individuals to benefit from this technology.

Tune in to learn more, including:

  • How the Bellwethr win-back engine, upsell engine, and retention engine work
  • Why Bellwethr products offer so much more than other business intelligence and data analytics tools
  • What’s on the horizon for Bellwethr in the coming year

Check out to learn more.

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