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Dr. Lynelle Schneeberg has always had an interest in the area where psychology and medicine intersect, finding it fascinating how correcting a psychological issue can translate to the correction of a physical problem. She found sleep medicine at the center of this intersection and has devoted her life to helping people improve their lives by improving their sleep. She works as a sleep psychologist and assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine and centers her focus on cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBTI). She discusses a common mistake people make once they realize they’re not getting enough quality sleep, which is to start allotting more time to being in bed and opting out of activities they would otherwise be doing, such as going to the gym or engaging in social activities. Dr. Schneeberg explains, however, that by doing these things, they’re actually just perpetuating the problem.

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She joins the podcast to discuss a range of other topics, including the details of how and why CBTI works, and the “three Ps model” that underlies it–referring to precipitating factors, precipitating events, and perpetuating factors.

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She explains each one in detail, and how CBTI helps people identify and change the way they influence sleep. The two foundational techniques of CBTI are restriction and stimulus control; Dr. Schneeberg explains how she implements both in her work with patients and the kinds of results her and her patients are seeing.

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Tune in for all the details and visit for more information.

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