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Medtech Impact on Wellness

“The first thing to do is to break down those basic myths of… ‘At some point, I will be happy to die’…It’s not in line with an organism’s survival to think that way, so we project it off into the future, and that’s how we create this illusion of strength and being satisfied with that…what I would rather be satisfied with is…people testing technologies and deciding to take a risk today to make the world a better place tomorrow,” says Elizabeth Parrish, and testing technologies and taking risks today for the possibility of a better tomorrow is exactly what Parrish does in her role as CEO of BioViva Science.

At BioViva, the mission is to utilize gene therapy as a new tool in regenerative medicine, with the ultimate goal of genetically modifying humans to live healthier, stronger, and longer lives. She explains the process and hallmarks of aging, how gene therapy functions as a valuable new tool in regenerative medicine by upregulating a human gene that makes cells function and look like young cells, the type of bioinformatic work they’re doing on a daily basis to make these things a reality, the use of telomerase inducers and myostatin inhibitors, and the difficulties and technicalities of developing these biotechnologies.

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