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How do you become a top 1% communicator in your industry? Brenden Kumarasamy, the Founder of MasterTalk joins the podcast today to discuss how he has been helping professionals around the world master their communication skills and share their messages with confidence.

After college, Brenden found himself coaching others for debates and case competitions – through which he “accidentally” developed a gift as an educator. Since then, he has used this newfound skill to educate others through MasterTalk, and the results have been significant…

Tune in now to learn about:

  • How Brenden practiced and improved his communication skills.
  • The main reason why Brenden started doing case competitions.
  • The key aspects that are missing from executives’ and entrepreneurs’ communication.
  • How to practice communication in a structured way.

To find out more about Brenden and his work with MasterTalk, click here now!

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