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In this episode, we connect with Judy Grisel, an internationally recognized behavioral neuroscientist, and professor of psychology at Bucknell University. She joins us today to discuss her work researching the root causes of drug addiction.

Judy has a history of her own with addiction, and she uses her past to fuel her mission to understand the neuroscience of addiction. In 2019, she published Never Enough: The Neuroscience and Experience of Addiction, a book that explores “how drugs work, the dangerous hold they can take on the brain, and the surprising way to combat today’s epidemic of addiction”.

Jump into the conversation now to discover:

  • The three main streams of influence that increase or decrease the risk for addiction.
  • The difference between the brains of addicts before and after they start using.
  • Why addiction is considered a “form of learning”.
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  • Why people who use opiates regularly feel “normal” over time when they’re on them.

The more we understand about addiction, the easier it will be to prevent future generations from using. How has Judy’s work contributed to this mission?

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Tune in now to find out for yourself!

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To uncover more about Judy and her work, click here now!

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