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Caroline Klatt entered the world of ecommerce and retail when she was still in high school and quickly realized the primary objective: drive up sales by finding and encouraging consumers to make purchases.

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For decades now, companies have been trying to accomplish this by investing most of their funds in digital ads and then following up with potential customers via email. According to Klatt, however, this approach has not only become outdated, but ineffective; in a society where everyone is using messaging apps through their phones at almost all hours of the day, retailers must integrate themselves in consumers’ lives in the same way—by messaging them directly.

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As the CEO and co-founder of Headliner Labs, Klatt is giving retailers the ability to do this in a scalable and fully-automated way using artificial intelligence, and the result so far has been a 96 percent open rate, meaning potential customers are opening messages from retailers, communicating with them, and ultimately making purchases. Beyond the first layer of AI, retailers have the option of directing potential buyers to a live agent in order to maintain that ever-so-important personal touch and one-on-one communication.

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Press play to learn how you can benefit from the services offered by Headliner Labs and what to look forward to in the coming months. Visit for more.


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