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Alex Vincart, Ph.D., is the CTO of Enkidoo Technologies, a platform that’s bringing small to medium-sized businesses and independent retailers access to the same AI and automation technologies harnessed by major corporations, benefiting them with better tools and better visibility for managing inventory.

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By connecting point of sale systems and aggregating large amounts of historical sales data, Enkidoo optimizes company supply chains and provides them with a reliable way to predict future sales.

With each product offered through Smart Assistance, Enkidoo provides a streamlined and seamless process for business owners who want to do what they set out to from the beginning: foster the business itself without feeling bogged down by the constant operational demands.

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Tune in for a discussion about the ins and outs of Enkidoo services, what’s rolling out in the next six months or so, and an interesting use case that combines IOT and AI.

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