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As a musical artist in today’s world, it can take two years to syndicate a single piece of work. And with the sheer volume of content on the internet, it’s difficult for any once piece to be accurately traced back to its creator. But imagine if artists were able to syndicate their work globally and instantaneously, and get paid for their work the moment that it’s heard.

Vaughn McKenzie, CEO and co-founder of JAAK, is helping to make that a reality. “When you have one entry point to the global rights databases that exist around the world, you could make that one entry point in the supply chain propagate across everywhere…so if you register once, you register everywhere…everyone knows you made a song and they know who to pay should they decide to use it,” says McKenzie. But this is just the first part of the JAAK blockchain-based platform: the second offers a scalable licensing solution that allows for easy access to and the legal use of content by bloggers, developers and entrepreneurs alike. Tune in to learn more.

McKenzie also discusses:

  • Meta ID and the decentralization of trust in the network as a means of preventing fraudulent activity
  • The current barriers that people face when they want to use content in their own applications, and how JAAK provides the solution
  • The ways in which JAAK can increase revenue for the creators of content
  •   What’s on the horizon for JAAK, including the prospect of syndicating TV content

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