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Imagine waking up and realizing that all of the banks had been shut down and the entirety of your savings had been lost overnight. That’s exactly what happened to the citizens of Argentina in the mid 1990s. Amidst a huge economic crisis, they needed solutions.

Over the past several decades, the economic situation in the rest of Latin America has become increasingly uncertain, causing many to question the practices of the banking industry. But as a silver lining, something new has emerged in Latin America: increased involvement and interest in the adoption of crypto technology.

It’s an interest driven by a necessity to break free from government-controlled currencies, and in some cases, to simply obtain everyday goods for sustenance. “There is a huge interest from people to understand the technology and take part in what we think is going to be an incredible shift in the balance of power and wealth all across the world, and that’s what we’re trying to accomplish: to educate people and put the message out there that….they don’t have to live under the thumb of bankers and corrupt governments…they can take control of their own wealth,” says Felipe Huicochea.

As CEO of Criptomonedas TV, Huicochea has made it his mission to disseminate the knowledge and tools necessary to make that shift happen. Press play to learn more.

Huicochea also discusses:
· The recent surge of requests for a proof of stake currency in Venezuela

· The mitigation of transaction fees through the use of alternative cryptocurrencies (and why Dash communities are growing rapidly)

· How and why mass adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will occur


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