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The approach to Women’s Health continues to shift as medical experts research alternative methods.

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Many doctors are finding that the best way to prevent female-specific disease is by implementing healthy lifestyle changes.

Joining us on this podcast is Dr. Nitu Bajekal. Dr. Bajekal is a Gynaecologist, Women’s Health Specialist, and co-author of Living PCOS Free. With over 35 years of clinical experience in this field, Dr. Bajekal tackles a diverse range of female-associated problems – all coming from a perspective of lifestyle medicine.

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Listen now as Dr. Bajekal discusses:

  • Her extensive background in Women’s Health.
  • The effects of insulin on the body.
  • How she treats and manages chronic diseases using lifestyle medicine.
  • The “six pillars” of lifestyle medicine.

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Tune in now to learn about how listening to proven science can greatly improve female-based health!

To learn more about Dr. Bajekal and her work, visit

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