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What makes microplastics so dangerous? Since they can contaminate such a wide range of environments, their impact cannot be underestimated. Press play to learn:

  • A possible solution for microplastic contamination
  • How photodegradation works
  • The importance of naturalistic treatments

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Elodie Passeport, an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto, shares her work attempting to understand microplastics and how to break chemical bonds to combat their effect better.

Microplastics are one of the most significant threats in the contamination of natural environments around the world. However, they are tricky to combat, so new solutions with a diminished impact on the treated environment are being developed.

By implementing passive water treatment practices, a solution to the problem can be found through natural means. This is crucial since treating the problem while avoiding impacting the environment being treated is the key to successfully saving it.

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