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As a world traveller, Nykki Hardin has learned about time-tested and proven methods to heal the body mentally and emotionally. She used the knowledge gained from her travels working with experts in foreign lands to create a nontoxic, detox program that is easy to use and produces amazing results for weight loss, metabolism, and hormone balance.

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  • What detoxing is about and how to do it the right way to maximize results and achieve health.
  • How to improve nutrition and create new habits that can become a part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • How 21 Cleanse works to rid the body of toxins and heavy metals to boost energy and clarity.
  • Why 21 Cleanse is successful where other methods fail.

At the age of 15, Nykki Hardin was a three-sport athlete and straight A student and learned how food affects physical performance and mental health. As a world traveller visiting India, Australia, Thailand, and other countries, she learned about the bodily harm caused by toxins and heavy metals in the environment.

The knowledge Nykki obtained during her travels became the seeds of the creation of new products and the start of her current business, 21 Cleanse. Using exceptional entrepreneurship skills, she developed and delivers the highest quality, therapeutic grade herbal formulas and supplements for her clients. The 21 Cleanse program includes daily emails and a private session with Nikki at the end to ensure that the individual has a good foundation to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Hardin understands the harm caused in the body by toxic chemicals, the advantages of a plant-based diet, and the benefits of an herbal cleanse. Her education, life experiences, and enthusiasm are evident as she shares health and nutrition information. Nykki provides empowerment to those participating in 21 Cleanse and facilitates healing for depression and anxiety and the achievement of health goals.

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