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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Can the healthcare experience be made more comfortable and humanized? Research may show that seeking more holistic care may make some treatments and experiences more beneficial.

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  • How more medical services can be coordinated
  • How the healthcare consumer can play a role in their own healthcare journey
  • The three main pillars of patient comfort in treatment

Author and paramedic-turned-physician, Dr. Summer Knight, shares her work to shift the field of healthcare to a more human-focused experience that puts comfort at the forefront.

The current focus of the healthcare industry is less on the comfort of the patient and more on the profitability and efficiency of the operations. While this may work from a business perspective, a more empathetic approach may be more beneficial for patients and families involved in ongoing treatment.

By coordinating services and various silos of the medical field, the patient will have a better understanding of their enduring process. By focusing more heavily on patient happiness alongside health, the healthcare industry can begin to focus on treating the person and not just the ailment.

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