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Medtech Impact on Wellness

How can the body’s equilibrium impact your overall health and immune system’s strength? By maintaining blood chemistry balance, your body may be able to fight off disease that to which it may have been previously prone.

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  • The optimal range of balance for each individual
  • What can cause toxicity within the body
  • How the HPAT system regulates overall health

Dr. Sandy Bevacqua shares her insight into balancing blood chemistry and maintaining equilibrium within the body.

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If the body is not in a state of equilibrium, it will continue to function while doing significant harm to various systems throughout. Outside toxicity is also a considerable contributor to throwing the system out of balance and can be a primary cause of sickness and chronic disease.

Since many of the systems rely on each other to function correctly, a shutdown or malfunction in one can cause widespread poor health in many parts of the body.

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As toxicity in our environments builds, it becomes increasingly important to be mindful of what we allow into our bodies.

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