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In 2005, Dr. Daniel Pompa became severely and inexplicably ill. It began with fatigue and progressed to all sorts of strange symptoms, including seemingly random panic attacks, extreme sound sensitivity, and allergic reactions to foods he’d never before had a problem with. His instincts were telling him that his hormones were off balance, and he was convinced there was some sort of dysfunction going on in his pituitary gland, the control tower to the body’s hormones. Eventually, Dr. Pompa spoke with an endocrinologist who suggested that it might be chronic mercury poisoning. This set Dr. Pompa on a path of research, discovery, healing, and eventually, education and coaching of fellow physicians.

These days, he’s guided by a purpose and passion for training as many doctors as possible to consider neurotoxic sources of sickness in patients who simply get can’t better, regardless of their malady. On today’s episode, he discusses the many neurotoxins in our environment, and how many of us are completely unaware that we are even being exposed or affected by them. He also explains the phases of his 90-day program of true cellular detox, shedding light on the fascinating science behind it all.

Tune in to learn more and visit his website at

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