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In this episode, we sit down with Luigi Gentile, the Chief Revenue Officer at BenchSci, a company that uses advanced biomedical artificial intelligence to empower scientists all around the world. He joins us today to discuss their preclinical R&D platform that uses patented machine learning technology to extract experiment evidence from internal and external data sources.

The R&D process behind clinical experimentation is often challenging and time-consuming. BenchSci seeks to expedite this process by cutting down on trial and error procedures – and thus, empowering scientists across therapeutic areas with cutting-edge biomedical knowledge…

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Jump in now to explore:
  • How BenchSci saves scientists time and money.
  • How scientists had to conduct clinical experimentation prior to BenchSci’s technology.
  • The algorithm that BenchSci is using to truly understand experiments.
  • The three categories of clinical experimentation.

To learn more about Luigi and his work with BenchSci, click here now!

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