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In this episode, we sit down with Colin Stuckert, the Founder and CEO of Wild Foods Co. With a mission to help their customers live their best lives, Wild Foods is a company that provides high-quality functional superfoods and Earth-sourced supplements – all directly sourced from small producers.

What are the benefits of knowing your ingredients are sustainable, natural, and pure? Wild Foods Co’s products are certainly raising the bar for food and nutrition – and this is only the beginning…

Magnesium is integral for 600+ biochemical processes in the human body. The common misconception is that consuming more magnesium will automatically improve health and well-being. The truth is that there are various forms of magnesium, each of which is essential for a variety of physiological processes. Most people are inadequate in all forms of magnesium, while even those considered “healthy” typically only ingest 1 or 2 kinds. Consuming all 7 of magnesium’s primary forms is the key to accessing all its health benefits.That’s why we packed 7 forms of 450mg of elemental magnesium into each serving of  Wild Mag Complex. One dose a day is all you need. Learn more and grab a bottle today at Use code GENIUS for 10% off your order.

Join the conversation now to learn about:

  • What sets Wild Foods Co’s supplements apart from other companies.
  • The importance of sourcing quality ingredients for mineral supplements.
  • Why taking different forms of magnesium in a complex supplement is so beneficial.
  • How to navigate buying the best possible supplement brands for your body.

Whether you’re a health junkie, entrepreneur, or creator, this podcast is sure to pique your interest. Tune in now to discover the advantages of taking high-quality supplements!

To find out more about Colin and his work with Wild Foods Co, click here!

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