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Today, we sit down with Dr. Michelle S. Min, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at UC Irvine’s School of Medicine. As a professional that specializes in dermatology-rheumatology, Dr. Min deals with a wide range of skin disorders – from psoriatic disease to lupus…

Dr. Min graduated from the Boston University School of Medicine in 2016, and since then, she has continued to refine her role as both a clinician and researcher of dermatology. Wondering how her work has developed over the years? Tune in now to see for yourself!

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Jump into the conversation now to learn about:

  • What dermatology is, and how Dr. Min got interested in it.
  • The most tricky types of skin disorders that dermatologists deal with. 
  • How drug-triggered rashes are treated.
  • How technological advancements make dermatological practice easier.

Want to find out more about Dr. Min and her work? Click here now!

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