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Dr. Christian Regenbrecht, shareholder, CEO, of CELLphenomics, provides an overview of his company’s important work that could assist researchers as they strive to develop new drugs to treat disease.

Regenbrecht studied biology and philosophy at the University of Bonn, and continued his postdoc with noted scientist, Hans Lehrach, at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genomics in Berlin. Regenbrecht has focused some of his time on improved patient-derived in vitro models, culture technologies, and preclinical efficacy studies.

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Regenbrecht discusses his extensive work and the innovations that are happening at CELLphenomics. With greater than 400 proprietary patient-derived 3D (PD3D®) cell cultures, CELLphenomics can offer researchers an opportunity to test compounds with a comprehensive screening approach in an, up to, 384 well format. In simplest terms, patient-derived cell cultures are essentially novel multicellular systems newly isolated from primary organs through mechanical and enzymatic dissociation.

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Within a system such as this, cells that are grown on a proprietary matrix can develop as 3D organoids which are composed of cell clusters preserving the uniquely complex composition of the tissue of origin.

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Regenbrecht discusses cell types in tumors, specifically focusing on colon tumors. Continuing, he discusses the ways that tumors can metastasize. Regenbrecht explains how they are able to use their processes to isolate exosomes that are secreted into the cell culture. By studying this information, researchers may be able to predict where the next site of metastasization could occur. Regenbrecht explains their mission at CELLphenomics, as a state-of-the-art in vitro service provider positioned to offer high-quality, sensibly priced cell culture models and ultimately assist the biotech and pharma industries to create innovative testings of new anti-cancer drugs.

In this podcast:

  • What makes some tumors metastasize?
  • A detailed explanation of exosomes
  • Innovative practices in the biotech industry

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