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Is fitness the remedy to many ailments we face in life? With the proper routine and habits, you may be surprised by what can be accomplished. Press play to learn:

  • How Commando Steve was introduced to fitness
  • Some of the best fitness practices to introduce into your life
  • What sets Commando Steve’s training and leadership apart

Steve Willis, A.K.A. Commando Steve, shares some of the lessons he has gained along his fitness journey and how to better your life with fitness.

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Fitness has long been misunderstood and may have seemed exclusionary from various sources in the industry. However, with proper scaling and technique, it may be much more accessible and beneficial than it has previously appeared.

Fitness can look different for everyone, and one program or routine that works for one group of people may not work for everyone.

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Regardless of the fitness level you have found yourself at, there are steps to take to better your current circumstances.

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