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Anyone who has been in a long-term relationship understands the importance of communication and commitment to a thriving partnership.

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While most people enter into marriage with the best of intentions, it is likely that every relationship will face some form of intimacy and relationship trouble.

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Learning how to be proactive and present in your relationship can pave a way forward that prevents the problems that will inevitably arise from becoming too severe to repair.

Stephanie Wijkstrom is a Marriage and Relationship counselor at the Counseling Wellness Center of Pittsburgh. She has practiced the Gottman Method of relationship counseling to help people in pathological conflict through self-reflection and reminding couples what brought them together in the first place. Though many couples don’t come to therapy until problems become frequent, Stephanie Wijkstrom is particularly interested in helping couples find ways to enhance their relationships before breakdown occurs.

In this episode, Stephanie will explain:

  • ⁃What partners may expect from couples therapy and how to get the best out of it.
  • ⁃How Anxiety and Depression can affect relationship conflicts.
  • ⁃Why relationships can fall into a state of disrepair.
  • ⁃Her No. 1 Tip for healthy relationships.

To learn more about Stephanie Wijkstrom’s work, go to or call (412) 856-WELL to connect with a counselor who can best meet your needs.

Episode also available on Apple Podcast:

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