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Have you ever gone to a doctor for a specific problem, and felt like you were treated like anyone else would be? Was it an in-and-out appointment that left you feeling like the doctor didn’t even consider you as an individual?

Unfortunately, this approach to medicine is commonplace, but precision medicine is opening a new world of health and healing.

Tune in to discover:

  • How fast beneficial changes can occur after making certain changes to your diet
  • The most challenging aspects of utilizing precision medicine
  • Why it is so important to establish and maintain a diverse gut microbiome

Dr. Marvin Singh is a general gastroenterologist and Director of Integrative Gastroenterology at UC Irvine. He’s also the founder of Precisione Clinic, a private clinic designed to optimize health through precision medicine–medicine that is tailored to the individual with various parameters in mind, such as the microbiome, genetic variables, environmental exposures, sensitivities, and mitochondrial health.

Dr. Singh works to understand each of his patients through a very specific lens in order to help them improve their health and mitigate potential or existing health problems.

Before bringing this approach to the clinic, Dr. Singh tried it on himself, and experienced amazing results. Since then, he’s helped countless people achieve transformational health they never thought possible.

Interested in learning more?

Visit and, and check out Dr. Singh’s book, Rescue Your Health.

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