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Nancy Sherman has studied philosophy for decades—namely ancient and moral philosophy.

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She also spent over two decades advising the military on issues of moral injury.

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Press play to learn about Sherman’s work, and discover:

  • What a moral injury is, how it’s sustained, and how it affects people
  • Whether Stoic philosophy is really about “sucking it up” or something deeper that actually embraces emotion and connectedness between human beings
  • Why it can be beneficial to think about worst-case scenarios

In addition to exploring the experiences of moral injury and post-traumatic stress, Sherman shares valuable insights about her take on Stoic philosophy. Contrary to popular belief, Stoicism isn’t about ignoring your emotions or just “toughing it out,” but it took Sherman a lot of time to reread Stoic texts and a lot of careful thought to arrive at a more nuanced, contoured view of Stoicism.

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Tune in to hear the full conversation, and check out Sherman’s book, Ancient Lessons for Modern Resilience.

Episode also available on Apple Podcast:

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