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Oscar Sierra, L.Ac, a Nationally Board Certified Acupuncture Specialist (NCCAOM), Dipl. O.M., provides an overview of the current trends in modern acupuncture and many interesting facts about its beneficial aspects that you may not have known.

Sierra received a BS in Nutrition from the University of Georgia. He is certified in Reiki, and has intensely studied Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture via an apprenticeship for nearly half a decade with Chinese Medicine practitioners in Atlanta.

Sierra discusses the medical world’s interpretations of what is conventional medicine versus traditional medicine. As Sierra states, he practices traditional medicine, practices that are backed by thousands of years of written history, and a track record.

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Whatever works that is safe and effective for the patient is what Sierra focuses on.

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Sierra explains how ancillary compounds work, as he discusses the benefits of vitamins, such as vitamin C, and more. Sierra talks about medicinal plants for cancer treatment. And he outlines certain chemo drugs that are based on phytochemicals, and how they are useful, how they are derived, etc.

Sierra talks about common treatments they use at his facility in Atlanta. Additionally, he discusses the importance of attending to our basic three, which he describes as: adequate and balanced activity (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), sleep and downtime, and our diet (not just what we eat but how we eat it). Herbs are great, but they cannot be the complete solution if the ‘basic three’ are not being cared for.

Sierra goes on to discuss many accounts of cancer patients, and other disease sufferers who have taken a more natural path to healing and have seen dramatic improvements.

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Sierra’s approach to healing is based on the patient rather than the disease. It’s a holistic, natural, patient-centered approach to medicine that focuses on prevention.

In this podcast:

How medicinal plants are used for cancer treatment
The current trends in modern acupuncture
The 3 basic areas we need to focus on to form a foundation for good health

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