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Howard Hindin, DDS, of The Hindin Center (, discusses airway preservation and other myofunctional dentistry issues that affect people.

Dr. Hindin is a graduate of the prestigious New York University College of Dentistry. He is trained in all areas of general dentistry, including surgery and endodontia. Additionally, Dr. Hindin assists people with cosmetic dentistry issues, and many types of oral and dental problems, including temporo mandibular joint disorders, and cranio facial pain.

Dr. Hindin discusses the typical treatments for patients, but he stresses that treatment must be personalized. He discusses airway issues and identifies some of the cardinal signs of airway problems, such as mouth-breathing. He provides valuable information on how nasal breathing can be restored. Dr. Hindin explains invasive and non-invasive treatments. And he discusses oral appliances which can be tried first, to see if improvement in nasal breathing can be achieved.

The Hindin Center dental expert talks about bad habits, and how light can be a factor in delayed production of melatonin, which makes sleep more difficult. Dr. Hindin recounts some experiments with rats that demonstrated how food affects body systems. Continuing, Dr. Hindin provides an overview of human processes and what would be considered an ideal example of functioning for the day, discussing eating, sleeping, bowel movements, and more. Dr. Hindin talks about hidden airway problems that many people are not aware they may have at all. And Dr. Hindin talks about reflux, cardiovascular issues, and other potential signs of airway sleep problems.

In this podcast you’ll learn…

Some of the signs of airway sleep problems
The importance of melatonin production
Why it’s important to have a regular body cycle throughout the day



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