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Given the nature of the human cough as a symptom, it is often poorly managed by medical providers simply because it’s not measured.

Allowing people the chance to make their cough quantifiable may allow them to better represent their condition to their doctors. This is not only empowering to patients, but it’s also incredibly helpful to health care providers.

In this episode, we are joined by Peter Small, the chief medical officer at a company called Hyfe. Hyfe is a small group of clinical investigators, scientists, data engineers, and software programmers whose ambition is to change the way the world manages the human cough.

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Hyfe combines the ubiquity of cellphones with sophisticated AI machine learning algorithms to passively monitor and quantify your cough in order to gain insight on how to properly treat it.

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Hear Peter Small cover things like:

  • How this software works, and how they came up with it.
  • The many nuances in coughs, and what particular coughs can mean for your health.
  • How chronic coughing can change people’s physiology over time.

Not only this but hear about Hyfe’s goals moving forward and what role they aim to play as innovators of healthcare technology.

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To find out more about Peter Small’s work at Hyfe, visit their website at and follow them on Twitter @hyfeapp.   

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