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Can breathing offer more benefits than many of us give it credit for? While a necessary part of staying alive, being mindful of it can offer a host of health and emotional benefits. Listen up to learn:

  • How the LST is performed
  • The function of diaphragm breathing
  • How to practice breathing techniques

Linda Scotson, the developer of the Linda Scotson Technique (LST), shares how she developed the technique and the range of benefits of improving the diaphragm and breathing techniques.

Breathing seems like an automatic function of the body, but it is much more integral than we may think. By remaining mindful of your breathing technique, one may actually be able to modify their emotions and how they experience them significantly.

Diaphragm posture and efficacy can be improved, but it takes mindful practice and technique improvement. Luckily, everyone can practice and improve in their own homes, offering emotional relief and possible significant health benefits.

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