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Hypermobility spectrum disorders are incredibly unique conditions to live with. Medical professionals are still uncovering various ways to treat those with hypermobility disorders, with one of the more prominent methods being nutritional intervention.

Joining us in this episode is Lorna Ryan. As a registered Nutritional Therapy and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, Lorna focuses her research on hypermobility spectrum disorders – specifically Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). Lorna has EDS herself, which has led to her own distinct interest in these types of conditions.

Listen now to hear Lorna discuss:

  • The importance of finding a balance between living with a rare condition and having proper medical support.
  • How EDS is a remarkably individual-based experience.
  • How finding a positive outlook influences individuals with EDS.
  • The specific symptoms of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

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What is the future of hypermobility disorders? Lorna Ryan’s investigations give us insight into this question and others like it on this educational podcast!

You can keep up with Lorna Ryan on Instagram, Facebook, and through her website.

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