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Can you influence your biological age using science?

Nikolina Lauc, CEO of GlycanAge, is asking these questions and is determined to find out how to reverse the aging process with a specific type of molecular testing.

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GlycanAge looks at a part of human biology that is often ignored: the human glycan. By measuring glycan, we can determine people’s biological age vs chronological age to take steps that may reverse the aging process as a whole. Along with this, glycan testing also shows how the immune system changes with age, and how reducing chronic inflammation is so crucial to overall health.

Listen now as Nikolina Lauc discusses:

  • What glycans are, and how they affect our biological makeup.
  • How you may be able to control your overall health by identifying chronic inflammation early.
  • What the concentration of glycans in our bodies shows us about our body’s overall health and longevity.

Discover this, and much more about biological age testing from someone on the cutting-edge of this molecular research. Additionally, learn about what other diagnostic products GlycanAge has in the pipelines that are more risk-specific.

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To find out more about what GlycanAge does, visit their website at for more information.

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