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Dawn Gallop of #9 Farms returns to the podcast to discuss food preservation, self-sufficiency, homesteading, and more. Dawn has been a homesteader since 1992, and she is a mother to nine children, a farmer, nurse, artist, cheesemaker, canner, soapmaker, and beekeeper.

Dawn is on a mission to share her knowledge of self-sustainability with others – and she does this both in person and online with her YouTube channel.

Nestled on 30 acres of land with her family, Dawn immerses herself in the practices of gardening, goat rearing, beekeeping, and chicken care. Tune in as Dawn reflects on her journey through the “pantry challenge” – illuminating how it propelled her to explore the realms of canning, mindful food consumption, and sustainable practices…

In this episode, we cover:

  • The essence and objectives of the pantry challenge.
  • Strategies to embrace a survivalist mindset.
  • Essential pantry staples for sustainable living.
  • Insights into the art of food canning.

Discover more about Dawn and her remarkable work by clicking here!

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