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Meet Erin Diehl, a business improv edutainer, failfluencer, and keynote speaker. As the founder of improve it!, she harnesses the power of improvisational comedy and experiential learning to help others thrive in ever-changing environments – and do so with a smile on their faces.

Erin is also the author of I See You!: A Leader’s Guide to Energizing Your Team Through Radical Empathy. In this book, she uses her 18 years of leadership experience and sense of humor to create a mindset shift for busy, stressed-out leaders. Can laughter, positivity, and empathy facilitate self-exploration and personal growth? Erin thinks so, and she joins us to explain why…

In this discussion, we cover:

  • What led Erin down this path of encouragement and leadership.
  • The three main ways that improv comedy can help you be your best self.
  • How to overcome challenges with humor and active communication.
  • The importance of listening in “real time”.

You can keep up with Erin and her work by visiting her website!

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