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Does the ketogenic diet have hidden benefits beyond healthy living? Thanks to new exploration, the popular diet may show promise in treatment areas from oncology to holistic living. Press play to learn:

  • How ketosis is beneficial to more than just your weight
  • Why the “keto flu” afflicts some patients
  • Where keto may be the most beneficial

Denise Potter, of Potter Dietitian Consulting, LLC, stops by to share how ketogenic therapy may benefit many more people than initially thought.

While the ketogenic diet has been lauded for its efficacy as a diet, it has shown promise in treating individuals far beyond their weight. Due to its ability to regulate many of the levels and systems in your body, it may be a promising therapeutic technique for cancer and beyond. 

However, without proper medical advice, the true therapeutic benefits seen by those in sustained ketosis may not be seen. Without appropriate medical training, there are many sources of misinformation surrounding the keto diet, and finding a proven source of information when attempting keto therapy is essential.

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