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Why is the preservation of freshwater habitats so crucial? With the abundance of unique populations of fish that utilize these ecosystems, the destruction of freshwater environments could be devastating.

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  • The function of a natal stream
  • Why the Chinook salmon population has been reduced
  • Possible solutions that could help stop population reduction

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Andrew Rypel, an associate professor and Peter B. Moyle & California Trout Chair, shares his efforts to preserve the freshwater environments of California.

Many species rely on the unique environments offered in the California landscape. One of the most prominent wildlife groups is freshwater fish, which has faced conservation challenges for much of recent history.

With a booming population and agriculture industry, conservation efforts may not be as effective as many would like. However, with an improving understanding of these freshwater environments, population reduction may be slowed, and the unique groups of fish that rely on such bodies can continue to be protected.

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