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Joining us on this episode is Dr. Jason Kindrachuk. Dr. Kindrachuk is an assistant professor in Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at the University of Manitoba. In addition to this, he is also Canada Research Chair in the molecular pathogenesis of emerging viruses. His research primarily focuses on the circulation, transmission, and pathogenesis of emerging viruses. Currently, Dr. Kindrachuk is investigating the many complexities of viruses and what measures we can take to control them. 

Listen now to explore topics like:

  • Where viruses can exist in nature.
  • How infectious diseases can spread through asymptomatic individuals.
  • How recognizing the relationship between different viruses can help us combat future infections. 

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With the proper analysis, can we curb the spread of viruses before they go too far? Follow along on this conversational journey with Dr. Kindrachuk to find out now!

To learn more about Dr. Kindrachuk and his work, you can visit

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