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Do your circumstances dampen or enhance your ability to make a decision? Studies show that high-pressure decision-making can be much more difficult without certain factors put in place.

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Listen in to learn:

  • What situations can hinder decision-making ability
  • The skills that can make decisions more straightforward to come to
  • If a foundation of basic training is necessary for advanced decision-making

President of ShadowBox LLC, Gary Klein, Ph.D., discusses his research into decision making during strenuous situations and how to enhance your cognitive ability.

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Making decisions can be difficult even under the most conducive situations, but it can be practiced and trained like many other skills through various techniques. For instance, the ShadowBox technique developed by Dr. Klein has been proven to enhance decision-making ability under duress.

Paying attention to specific cues in their body and the situation can lead to more effective and meaningful decisions.

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By training under challenging conditions early rather than focusing on the basics, evidence shows that an individual will retain the learned practices for an extended period.

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