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Perry Marshall, a marketing expert, engineer, entrepreneur, and general scientific enthusiast, talks about the current state of scientific development, approaches, and practices.

Marshall’s sought-after consulting service provides independent entrepreneurs an opportunity to take part in high-level mentoring groups, to solve problems, and find exciting pathways to incredible success. Though Marshall’s lifetime of marketing and business knowledge, he has developed a system that delivers state-of-the-art marketing methods to company owners and executives, managers and marketers, as well as hungry salespeople—all who want to find new ways to thrive. And Marshall’s 80/20 Sales and Marketing concept is a foundation in the business world.

Marshall discusses his Evolution 2.0 Prize, the largest “origin of life” prize thus far, that seeks to bridge the divide between the scientific fields of chemistry, genomics, and modern computing.

Marshall discusses the difficulty level of attaining funding for research. He discusses some of the hurdles that scientists face in their attempt to get work published.

He explains the peer review process and how ‘good science’ is evaluated.

Continuing, the electrical engineer and general scientific enthusiast discuss his process to find judges for his Evolution 2.0 Prize. As he explains, many scientists wanted no part in it, but the ones who chose to be involved tended to be outspoken ‘rock stars’ so to speak in the world of science. He states, to take controversial positions, it requires some maneuvering that many ranks and file scientists are not able to do, due to lack of time/schedules, etc.

Marshall explains why most scientists don’t typically share their information with the general public from the outset. Going further, Marshall talks about how some scientists break out and become ‘popular scientists,’ such as Neil deGrasse Tyson, Stephen Hawking, and others.

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