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Joshua Perry, keto consultant, former professional athlete, coach, and brain tumor survivor, ( talks about his life and work as a keto consultant and public speaker.

Perry provides some background on his life and interests, starting out with his high school years, and how he found a love for BMX (bike motocross). He talks in-depth about his competition years, and how regular pain, nausea, and vision loss caused him to look deeper into his health issues. He explains the difficult process and path that led to the discovery he had a brain problem that had to be dealt with. He explains the process, from diagnosis to surgery, and how he coped along the way.

Moving forward, he sought a way to improve his life, after the brain tumor surgery, and he found keto. He discusses physicians and his feelings about medicine in general, discussing his aversion to taking regular pain meds, etc. As he explains, diet and nutrition are the key elements he focuses on to maximize his health. As a keto consultant, Perry has clients all over the globe.

Perry utilizes communication and a results-oriented program to help clients increase cognitive function, enhance their quality of life, and bring their overall performance and health to the highest level possible. Wrapping up, Perry talks about how to prioritize, and focus the brain, and he discusses the many types of people he interacts with and coaches.


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