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In this episode, we sit down with Physical Therapist and international yoga leader Lara Heimann to discuss her distinct approach to yoga education. With more than 25 years of experience with yoga, Lara is on a mission to reinvent the practice by helping people find freedom through smarter, safer, and more conscious movement patterns.

Through the development of Lara’s Yoga Training (LYT) Method, Lara has helped countless students improve their practice. She does this by emphasizing sustainable, freeing, and efficient movements…

Join in now to discover:

  • Yoga practices and benefits.
  • What yoga is, and how it helps people across the world.
  • The importance of facilitating the brain-body connection.
  • What sets The LYT Method apart from other yoga practices.

The LYT Method seeks to empower people by expanding their bodies and minds. Wondering how Lara achieves this? Join us now!

Want to learn more about Lara and her work with LYT Yoga? Click here now!

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