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THC and CBD-infused gummies are popular and available in dispensaries throughout the US and Canada, but there’s something that you may not know about them until it’s too late: there is no guarantee that you’re going to get a specific amount of THC, which means there’s no guarantee that you’re not going to get a super-saturated gummy that’s going to result in an unpleasant experience involving paranoia, perceived heart palpitations, or a number of other unsettling effects.

Shoogies is a sugar-based company that’s changing this by employing advanced engineering and a tertiary testing system in the production of THC and CBD-infused sugars.

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The result? Individualized packages that are guaranteed to contain exactly five milligrams of THC, which means you can rest assured that you won’t be hit with way more than you bargained for.

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This product was made to be easily integrated into your daily life; no bongs, papers, or other devices are required to use it, it comes in child-proof, inconspicuous packaging, and can be added to whatever it is you already add sugar to, such as your morning coffee or tea.

Latham Woodward is the CEO of Shoogies, and he joins the podcast to discuss all the details of this new product that’s a guaranteed good time.

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Tune in and check out to learn more.

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