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Dr. Jeffrey A. Morgan, a cardiac surgeon and Chief Medical Officer for BIOLIFE4D, provides an overview of surgical therapies currently used to treat patients with heart failure and overviews the current and future direction of bioprinted hearts.

In this episode, Dr. Morgan explains what causes heart failure, the physiology of a healthy and diseased heart, and outlines the most common surgical therapies currently available to patients with heart failure. He explores the benefits and drawbacks of current surgical therapies such as the total artificial heart (TAH) and left ventricular assist devices (LVADs). Dr. Morgan also discusses the current challenges with heart transplants, which leads us to a discussion on bioprinted hearts as a therapy currently undergoing development.

Dr. Morgan provides insight on why using bioprinted hearts would be superior to traditional heart transplants and explains what challenges scientists currently face in developing these technologies. His insight as a practicing surgeon and as a figure in the biomedical technology industry offers a unique perspective on how bioprinted hearts can be useful in every stage of treating heart failure – from drug research and development to clinical use. Tune in to discover how this technology has the potential to save thousands of lives.

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