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During his work as a doctoral student, Roman Teslyuk noticed that there was something missing in the world of geological research and mineral exploration: objective, big data analytics. In its place were less objective forms of localized analysis that were failing to take advantage of the massive amounts of archived data gathered from past research in the field. With the goal of advancing mineral exploration by leveraging all of the available data, Teslyuk founded Earth AI, a company that’s focused on locating deposits of technology metals that are crucial components of growth in the high-tech industry, such as copper, zinc, nickel, lithium, and vanadium.

With the use of a geological AI training system that learns from geochemical, magnetic, radiometric and multi-spectral remote sensing data from previously explored regions, the AI system generalizes all of the data and develops predictions for which locations have the highest likelihood of metal deposits. It takes the Earth AI team just two weeks to cover 100 square miles of land; traditionally, it would take the same amount of people months to search different locations based only on signs of mineralization—a much more expensive and less efficient method. Earth AI’s technology currently boasts a success rate that’s 50 times greater than the industry’s. Tune in for all the details, and visit to learn more.

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