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In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Leo Galland the author of The Allergy Solution: Unlock the Surprising, Hidden Truth about Why You Are Sick and How to Get Well. Dr. Galland is a translational clinician that spends his time analyzing basic scientific research to effectively help his patients. 

Dr. Galland researches the impact of intestinal microbes and intestinal permeability on health and disease. As a nationally renowned doctor, he received his education and medical training at Harvard and NYU. Want to know how he continues to push the boundaries of intestinal health? Tune in now!

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Join us now to explore:

  • Why cardiovascular disease is often viewed as a manifestation of blood flow.
  • How your dietary pattern can impact your body’s reaction to illness.
  • The relationship between food, nutrients, and gut microbiome. 
  • The most important substances produced by the gut microbiome.

Want to learn more about Dr. Galland and his work? Click here now!

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