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Gluwa is a platform that enables its users to buy and sell Bitcoin using fiat currency, and to use Bitcoin for payments, without worrying about price volatility. Buyers are connected through Gluwa to investors who are willing to loan their Bitcoin to others, to be repaid with interest. Because buyers don’t actually own the Bitcoin they are using, they are protected from market volatility–that risk is entirely for investors who provide the Bitcoin to others. Most users have no desire to invest in Bitcoin, and are using it temporarily, making it ideal for the casino market in Asia. Gluwa is currently available in South Korea, and is working on expanding to the US by the end of 2017. In the future, Gluwa also hopes to connect investors in countries with large amounts of capital and negative interest rates to emerging economies with low capital and high interest rates, and ultimately to bring Bitcoin to emerging economies as a stable and sustainable currency.

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